Thursday, December 5, 2013

A reason to play thief again

The PaniCond build by Messiah (you can find link on my previous post) was a blow of fresh wind for me.  It gave me a reason to play thief again, a renewed interest in this class.  Thanks Messiah!
So, here we go, let me introduce you my new Thamira (who now is known in GW2 as Thamira Hellblades).

As you may see, I did a few small changes from Messiah initial idea.  Also, I am using Superior Runes of Scavenging to get higher Condition damage and some more healing that in WvWvW is always needed.
I have been testing it in WvWvW and results are very good.  I am also trying to learn how to Withdraw forward using the "About face" option enabled.

I will keep you updated.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Interesting P/D condition build

Messiah posted a very interesting build in the official forum.
Panicond build by Messiah
It is very interesting for WvWvW play.

I will give it a look.  I suggest you to check that thread, it's extremely informative.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I guess good old 10/30/30 will do

Well, I must admit.  The good old X/30/30/X/X is still good. You can put 10 points in Deadly Arts or in Acrobatics.  You could even put them in Trickery.  And then you will play with armor and runes, being Berserker all the rest.
Valkyrie armor is the good alternative to full berserker.
Then you have to decide on the runes you want to use.
Scholar is quite the best choice.  But even Traveler's is good, althoug VERY expensive.  Melandru are ok if you want to be more "defensive".  But you have many other choices.
Right now, after some testing with D/P I am going 10/30/30/0/0.  But D/D would be a good alternative.  Secondary weapon would be mainly Shortbow, but on some occasion you could even need S/P.
I am talking about WvWvW mainly.  But this build will work perfectly in PvE too.
I won't link a specific build yet... I want to play some more, but so far I am very happy.
Today I even managed to make a warrior run in fear!! LOL!!! (I haven't played Thief for months and months!!)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A little more damage...

Having 13.8k or 12.8k life does not make much difference.
So I modified a little the build to this one:
Using Dagger/Pistol and Shortbow.

This build is based on stealth and initiative regen.  Dec. 10th patch will change the way this build works, as trait V (Infusion of Shadow) of Shadow Arts, the one that allowed "Perma-stealth" will be nerfed.
On the other hand Initiative regen will be increased by +33%, which is quite a good news (from 0.75 ini per second up to 1 ini per second)!
I guess one can play without Infusion of Shadow, and we will need to adapt to a different approach to stealth.

Dec. 10th Thief changes

From official forum:

One of the issues we are working on for thieves this patch is the dependence on the traits which boost initiative. We did this by shaving a significant amount of initiative gain from these traits while simultaneously boosting the generic rate of initiative gain by 33%. We have also somewhat reduced the effectiveness of high evasion thieves by reducing vigor up time and adding some cast time to the Shadow Return skill on the sword. This prevents these thieves from evading too much and too easily dealing with being disabled (stun, daze, fear, knockdown, etc.). Also we are trying to improve the survivability of thieves in the Acrobatics line through easier access to the Hard to Catch trait and increased effectiveness of the Assassin’s Reward trait. This will reward thieves who are actively engaged in the fight rather than those who are just dodging over and over again. The change to Infusion of Shadow is meant to stop players from gaining initiative by applying stealth while already in stealth. This should keep thieves from being able to recharge all of their power while idling in a very long stealth. We felt that using a lot of different abilities to maintain stealth is ok, but re-using the same ability over and over for almost permanent stealth was just bad for the game, especially when gaining large amounts of initiative.

  • Increased the base rate of initiative gain from .75/second to 1/second.
  • Shadow Return on Sword. Renamed to Infiltrator’s return. Added a 1/4s cast time.
  • Pistol Whip. Reduced the after cast on the first half of this skill by .25 seconds.
  • Deadly Arts VI – Sundering Strikes. Increased the trigger chance from 50%. Remove ICD. Decrease Vulnerability duration to 6s.
  • Critical Strikes VI – Practiced Tolerance. Increased conversion from 5% to 7%.
  • Critical Strikes 15 – Opportunist. Increased trigger chance to 50%. Increase cooldown from 1s to 5s.
  • Critical Strikes VIII – Signet Use. Reduced initiative gain from 2 to 1.
  • Critical Strike X – Critical Haste. Increase trigger chance to 25%.
  • Shadow Arts V – Infusion of Shadow – This trait functionality has been changed to “Gain initiative when you enter stealth.” 2 init.
  • Acrobatics III – Vigorous Recovery. Reduced Vigor duration to 5s from 8s.
  • Acrobatics IV – Assassin’s Retreat. Increased swiftness duration to 20s.
  • Acrobatics IX – Quick Recovery. Reduced initiative gain from 2 to 1.
  • Acrobatics X – Assassins Reward. Increased healing scaling by 35%. Moved to Grandmaster Tier.
  • Acrobatics XI – Hard to catch. Moved to Master Tier.
  • Trickery 5 – Kleptomaniac. Reduce initiative gain from 3 to 2.
  • Trickery IV – Flanking Strikes. Move to Master tier.
  • Trickery VII – Bountiful Theft. Reduced vigor duration to from 15s to 10s.
  • Trickery VIII – Trickster. Move to Adept tier.

Important discussion about these changes here!

WvWvW Thief and the near future (that is Dec 10th)

On December 10th thief class will face another nerf.
S/D will be hit hard, leaving probably only D/D and maybe P/D as viable builds.
D/P and S/P will be nerfed.
So why should I return to my thief?  Even more, why should I come back to a thief while I am playing a Warrior (that will be nerfed too on Dec 10th, as I play a Hammer Warrior)?
Because Warrior is quite easy to play, and on the long run it may become boring.  Although it grants you a lot of sucessful hours of play.
So, after so many months on a warrior in wvwvw, what have I learned?
1) You need to have good crowd-control skills (not easy to achieve with a thief)
2) You need to have good anti crowd-control
3) You need good Armor (around 2600 at least, and this come from Toughness)
4) You need AoE damage skill for zerg play, and high direct-damage for small scale battles.
5) Stealth for a thief is a must.

One good thing is that Thief's traits have the toughness and stealth traits on one line: Shadow Arts.  So this will be fundamental for a WvWvW Thief.
Second thing is to decide what way to go:  high damage with low life and defences (classic glass cannon) or hig defences and health but with low damage?
With my warrior I went the second way.  It's closer to my play-style. But with a warrior it's easy to reach 3000+ armor and 25k+ health and still being able to do decent damage.  With a thief this is close to impossible.
One start could be this one 0/10/30/30/0 with D/D or P/D (have to test them) and SB as second weapon or AoE weapon.
The build is the same I posted yesterday, but it changes the equip from full Berserker to Soldier armor and trinkets.
Actually there is also a condition damage build for thief, but condition damage is not my style, I tried and did not like it. So I will not cover this kind of gameplay for thief.
Let's try it!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

GW2 and WvWvW

Well, yes, I am still around.
Actually I have been playing quite a bit, but not with my thief.
My interest (and fun) in the Thief class has been getting lower and lower since the beginning, due to the many nerf and "fixes" brought to our class.*
This lead to me playing less and less since january... till may - june when I came back to the game with my warrior (actually I should say warriorS, as I have one for PvE and one for WvWvW).
So from june I played a lot (mostly in WvWvW) but not with my thief.
Now I would like to give it one more try, and since I am focusing on WvWvW I will change a lot in my build to make it more efficent in WvWvW.
Thief is not a very good class for WvWvW, at least compared to other classes that are easier to handle and more useful (Warriors, Necros, Elementals, Guardians).
But I will try (now that I have some spare time in WvWvW since i completed my achievements for the 1st tournament).
I will start with a 0/10/30/30/0 that needs a lot of fine tuning for sure.
I will let you know.

* If you want a quick resume of Thief's nerfs since start, read this thread.